International cooking for the youthful malcontent.

What have I done for you lately?

Not a whole lot, eh? Trust me, I’m still here – still paying attention to the site – but I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. You see, originally, this blog was supposed to be my personal online cookbook and, as such, contain only my personal recipes. It’s already moved a bit beyond that, but for the most part these are all recipes I’ve spent several years collecting and refining. However, I am not a chef (therefore my knowledge is relatively limited), so I’ve kind of run out of obvious things to write about.

I’m still cooking… constantly… though. I just haven’t been writing, yet. I’ve made a South Indian-style coconut stew, eggplant mash, Korean-style sesame beef, Thai seafood noodles, fried spicy noodles, curried coconut-butternut squash soup (which later became a weird chicken curry – not sure if I’d do that again), and a hybrid Indian Thanksgiving meal of turkey breast roasted in tandoori paste, spiced mashed potatoes, and cumin carrots that was interesting – tasty but also strange. Strange in that turkey is typically eaten only one way, so the mind remembers it very specifically and to taste it in a completely different context is very unusual. It forced me to taste “turkey” as a flavour – as a single ingredient – rather than “turkey” as the entire concept.

Chili powder in mashed potatoes, though – that is just fine for all occasions. Tandoori turkey also makes a great addition to tomato-based tikka masala sauce (which played the part of gravy).

I’m on the hunt for some new ideas – things to work on and play with. One day, I’ll figure out Hainanese Chicken Rice but that will be a day when I really want to deal with a whole chicken. Also, I’ve been wanting to make Phở for 2+ years now and just haven’t bothered on account of the time required to simmer stock (although I did just make Chinese chicken stock from a chicken carcass – which became an excellent chicken and corn soup as well as the base for a noodle bowl – so I’m just complaining for no reason) and because beef bones are not readily available at Sobeys. Weird. Also – I do have a recipe for a basic Malay curry sauce but I’m waiting until I can make the perfect roti prata (to dip in the sauce) before I post it. Man, you have not fully lived until you try a good prata.

Anyway, long story short – give me ideas! Post them here!


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  1. bmf

    Money is tight and reheatable casseroles are on the menu. Constantly. That’s where it’s at.

    November 4, 2010 at 12:28 am

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