International cooking for the youthful malcontent.

The new kid says hi

Hello there No More Microwavers,

A quick introduction. I am Hilary, friend of Jeff, lover of eating, dissenter of outrageously unnecessary convenience foods, and new contributor to No More Microwaves. How I came to be a contributor of this blog all started one sunny afternoon while I was, perhaps paradoxically, working out at the gym and watching the Food Network. I caught a commercial for a ready-made meal that allows you to steam vegetables in the microwave and then use the leftover steam-juice as a sauce to pour over your veggies. Disgusting. I actually winced outwardly… And then I had an epiphany.

I thought, “Cooking from fresh is so easy, and so much more satisfying. Even if people only know how to cook a little, they accomplish something huge and avoid all this pre-made, make-you-feel-like-a-sack-of-shit overpriced industrial crap”, and immediately this blog name popped into my head. No More Microwaves. Perfect. I could not have said any better myself. I wondered if I could contribute to No More Microwaves; to share my thoughts about cooking, techniques, and pass on a few recipes here and there.

I talked to Jeff about my thoughts, and he graciously offered me a space in this blog to write about cooking and food-related things.

There are a lot of pre-made products in grocery stores these days. Pre-made meals, pre-made dressings, even pre-diced vegetables. Pre-fucking-diced vegetables! The strange thing is that many of these products are so simple, so much cheaper, and provide so much more of a feeling of accomplishment when you do it yourself. It boggles my mind how there is actually a need for these convenience foods that are already so simple anyway. Cooking isn’t hard. You just need to try.

I once read an article by JoAnn Jaffe and Michael Gertler that described cooking as a tactile process – where you need to recognize when something is the right consistency, understand flavours, etc., and so in this sense, knowing how to cook, is a way of knowing yourself.

My cooking style is based in simplicity. No water-baths or liquid nitrogen. Just honest, clean, and simple foods. My intent is to illuminate and celebrate how easy and satisfying cooking can be, and bring a cozy, home-y compliment to the international urban flair of No More Microwaves. Not to mention, join the crusade against microwaves. So, fuck ready-made! Pick up those knives and let’s cook!

Yours in cuisine,



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