International cooking for the youthful malcontent.

Macaron Lab 3

Cookie: Chocolate Hazelnut

Cookie Recipe: Laduree Sucre cookbook recipe for basic macarons

Baking Details: my oven at 300 F for 14-15 minutes, sheets on middle rack

Filling: Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache (1/4 cup 18% cream, 2 oz bittersweet chocolate, and around 2 tbsp of drained hazelnut butter)

Environment: April 22nd, afternoon, dry

Positive Results: I’m comfortable with the reproduction of the cookie shells now; I can produce a sheet full of perfect shells almost like clockwork. The chocolate-hazelnut ganache is near-perfect as well. After a day’s maturation, the ganache turns the cookie interior into a creamy-soft heaven. No issues here. I’m using a gold-coloured pearl sugar to give the shells a metallic effect. It’s not nearly as “glittery” as I originally intended, but I don’t think I will find or be able to acquire anything better within my timeframe.

Negative Results: The ganache was slightly too heavy on the hazelnut, in my opinion. I like round numbers, but perhaps the 2 tbsp of hazelnut butter should actually read 1.75 tbsp. Or 1 tbsp plus 2 tsp, let’s say. Also, I must remind myself to mix the batter properly, and work the air bubbles out of the piped batter as best I can. No one wants air pockets!

Next Steps: I’m pretty comfortable with the chocolate-hazelnut cookie. Outstanding work involves refining the kewra filling for the coloured shells, and recruiting a macaron team for production, assembly and packaging. I’ve also put two into the freezer for testing the flavour after a period of freezing. I’m creating a plan for handling the storage and transportation of the cookies from my small apartment fridge to the wedding venue. Fun times.

One response

  1. These are looking fantastic. Although I’m guessing you (and all your family and friends) are macaroned out by now!

    May 5, 2012 at 1:16 am

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