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How to Crack a Coconut (Without Hurting Yourself)

So, let’s say you have a coconut. Maybe you bought it, maybe it was a gift. Maybe you smuggled it out of a tropical island on a speedboat. Doesn’t matter – you’ve got this coconut, and it’s hard as hell. You want to get inside it, and get into that creamy coconut heaven but you just. Can’t. Crack. This. Damn.



Macaron Lab 1

Cookie: Rose Water and White Chocolate

Cookie Recipe: tant au tant mixture, 1+ tsp neon pink colour, added pinch of salt to meringue, otherwise basic recipe

Baking Details: my oven at 360 F (need to test heat with oven thermometer) for 10 minutes

Filling: white chocolate ganache (4 oz white chocolate to 3/8 cup 18% cream) + 1/2 tsp organic rose water, steeped cream with 3 green cardamom pods

Environment: July 10th, 10 pm, very humid, 30 C


Nutella Cake

This is the cake I posted about on the Facebook page. The recipe is based off of the chocolate cake recipe in David Lebovitz’ book The Sweet Life in Paris (the one I gushed about in my travelogues, etc). Actually, based on my Food Network watching and reading other cake recipes, this is the cake recipe that many restaurants sell to you as a “warm chocolate cake” or, depending on how you bake it, a “molten lava cake”.


Deep Frying

Deep frying gets a bad rap and it mostly deserves it. The kind of things you deep fry are usually snacks, street food, and dude food. I can’t even really think of anything “classy” that involves deep frying. But it usually makes everything taste fucking delicious. That’s just how it is.

I’m not going to talk about how to use a deep-frier. I don’t have one but I assume they have their own instruction manuals that you can follow if that’s how you want to do it. I’m talking about pouring oil into a wok (or deep-sided frying pan) and heating it up on the stovetop. I’ve done this in front of some people and they’ve thought I was a bit crazy, but it’s very safe if you do it right. Here’s an incomplete list of things to be mindful of: