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Kinda Blog Famous

Hello, faithful readers. There’s literally too much to write – we’re back from our honeymoon in India and Thailand, we ate a pile of amazing food, discovered new dishes to figure out at home, had incredible experiences and made it back safe and sound. We’re still sifting through it all, figuring out what it all was and meant.

And somewhere in the middle of that, we got word that our wedding was going to be featured on a popular wedding blog. You see, our photographer, Rosetta Li, chose to submit her photos to a number of blogs for potential showcasing (with our permission, of course) including one called Style Me Pretty. Apparently this is a Very Important Wedding Blog (I don’t follow these things) because Anuja immediately went giddy when the email arrived telling us we had been chosen. We were sitting on a king sized bed in Chiang Mai when the blog went live, dripping with sweat from a humid night eating banana roti and wandering the streets on the Best Honeymoon Ever.

This is the blog entry.

As you can imagine, we were pretty happy with how the photos came out. We had a lot of great advice from our planner regarding vendors, and were steered towards Rosetta to handle photography. I was immediately drawn to her work as she had a few sets of highly colourful images in her portfolio – very different from the really trendy, washed-out, faux-vintage pastel look that all the hipster weddings seem to be going for these days. Our wedding was all about colour and gold and shiny things. We needed a photographer who “got” that, and she nailed it 100%. As a designer myself, I was pretty picky about this stuff (I designed all the invitations and stationary stuff myself, besides baking the macarons) and I can say I am completely satisfied with her work on all levels.

Anyway, this post is completely self-serving. I apologize. I’ve been thinking I will include more non-recipe posts in the future. Like, I can talk about this hand-crank pasta machine we just bought, and how awesome it is (but I’ve vowed to keep all my recipes on this site non-Western, so… problem), or how I made a dinner for my friends using only ingredients that are native to the Americas, pre-Columbus. Bison, blueberry, juniper and mushroom stew, with a succotash of corn, butternut squash, kidney beans and smoked chili pepper topped with avocado, roasted zucchini and fried maple cornbread were on the menu. This was for a Dungeons and Dragons night. Don’t ask. I’ve said too much already…

Plus, I’ll have travelogues. Everyone loves hearing people brag about their vacations, don’t they? I’ll restrict mine to mostly food, cuz there was a LOT of that. So much to eat… so much to write…


Worst. Blogger. Ever.

If someone were to wander onto this site a week ago, they’d probably be like, “oh, dead blog”. And they would be mostly right.

Except they’re wrong. As of right now. WRONG. You see, things have been absolutely bonkers at home for the past year. So busy. Almost too busy to cook.  And what could possibly be so important as to avoid updating a simple food blog? Oh, I don’t knowwwww… how about…



Travelogue 2: Paris and The Road

Cairanne is about a 7 hour drive from Paris. That’s a long way. In general, I don’t enjoy long car rides – mostly because in Ontario that means seeing a lot of the same scenery for 7 straight hours: farms, highway signage, lonely VIA stations, and truck stops. In France, I was sort of expecting the same, with the slight improvement in that the truck stops et al would be “French” and therefore “new” (to me) at least. Still, 7 hours of anything can be a bit much. My parents were driving us on this excursion, themselves on their way to the northern coast to see war memorials – so make that a 7 hour drive with my parents.

Luckily, I love my parents, and they’re not bad car company. My dad drives fast, and likes to take rest stops frequently to stretch our legs and purchase exotic flavours of Lays potato chips such as Bolognaise and Roast Chicken With Thyme (tastes like Thanksgiving dinner in chip form!). My dad likes chips a lot, you see. I’ve always been keen on Lays’ flavours in other countries ever since I had a flavour in Thailand that haunts me to this day – I couldn’t read the label, but the pictures on it suggested it was some kind of spicy ginger seafood concoction. There were other unidentifiable flavours as well – whatever they were, they were genius. The French lineup also features a flavour named Mustard and Pickles, which I have to guess tastes like spicy dill pickles(?) or something like that. Again, as Anuja detests all things involving vinegar, I would never have been allowed to purchase these if I saw them. Even the smell of the Thanksgiving chips (delicious!) turned her off. You might wonder how I, the intrepid home cook, can deal with someone with such particular taste problems. Sometimes I wonder myself.