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Macaron Lab 2

Cookie: White Chocolate, Cardamom, Kewra Water

Cookie Recipe: Laduree Sucre cookbook recipe for basic macarons

Baking Details: my oven at 300 F for 15-16 minutes

Filling: white chocolate ganache (4 oz white chocolate to 1/4 cup 18% cream) + 1 tsp kewra water, 1/2 tsp cardamom powder

Environment: February 12th, afternoon, dry as dust, 1 C (more…)


Macaron Lab 1

Cookie: Rose Water and White Chocolate

Cookie Recipe: tant au tant mixture, 1+ tsp neon pink colour, added pinch of salt to meringue, otherwise basic recipe

Baking Details: my oven at 360 F (need to test heat with oven thermometer) for 10 minutes

Filling: white chocolate ganache (4 oz white chocolate to 3/8 cup 18% cream) + 1/2 tsp organic rose water, steeped cream with 3 green cardamom pods

Environment: July 10th, 10 pm, very humid, 30 C


WTF is Green Cardamom?

Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom is a whole spice, a pod to be precise, harvested from a shrub in the ginger family. The plant originates in Southern India, and many South Indian dishes feature the spice prominently. The flavour it imparts is sweet and peppery, and the aroma is a methol-infused floral scent. In India, it’s known as the “Queen of Spices”. One of the best things about green cardamom is it’s versatility. It can feature in creamy kormas and kheema/ground meat dishes as well as Indian desserts, scenting Indian rice, Nordic breads and cardamom-infused Middle Eastern coffee.

It’s sold as a package of pods (and in powder form), but occasionally you may come across recipes asking for “cardamom seeds”. These are the seeds inside the pod itself. If you crack open the green shell, there are maybe 20-25 tiny black circular seeds inside. If the pods are fresh, the seeds will be slightly stuck together with resin and a thin membrane. The seeds themselves have a slightly different flavour on their own, something like cloves and pepper and a few other things. The point here is – green cardamom is green cardamom; there’s nothing else like it. Let your nose show you – go smell some at the store before you buy it.