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Macaron Lab 3

Cookie: Chocolate Hazelnut

Cookie Recipe: Laduree Sucre cookbook recipe for basic macarons

Baking Details: my oven at 300 F for 14-15 minutes, sheets on middle rack

Filling: Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache (1/4 cup 18% cream, 2 oz bittersweet chocolate, and around 2 tbsp of drained hazelnut butter)

Environment: April 22nd, afternoon, dry



Nutella Cake

This is the cake I posted about on the Facebook page. The recipe is based off of the chocolate cake recipe in David Lebovitz’ book The Sweet Life in Paris (the one I gushed about in my travelogues, etc). Actually, based on my Food Network watching and reading other cake recipes, this is the cake recipe that many restaurants sell to you as a “warm chocolate cake” or, depending on how you bake it, a “molten lava cake”.